20% Off AdvoCare and More!

I was talking to a friend this week about the things that I have been doing to improve my overall wellness. I explained my commitment to exercise, my food choices, and my use of AdvoCare products to support those things. I explained that my improvements would not be possible without those three important components.

Later in the conversation, he mentioned to me that he had checked out the AdvoCare products that I have written about on the blog before and that they seemed expensive to him. At the time we were talking about the 24-Day Challenge Bundle. Instead of selling him on the cost per day like most people probably would have done and helped him understand that it would actually cost him less than what he had been doing already with pit stops at Taco Bell or McDonalds, I explained the 20% discount to him.

Here is the basic idea:

  • Pay $79.
  • Get $50 worth of AdvoCare delivered to your door including Spark and Slam, which everyone can use. That’s $29 out-of-pocket and you get to buy the products for 20% off all year.
It’s just like joining a wholesale club. You pay a little to save a lot.

To make this a $0 deal for you, here is what I am willing to do. Click here and sign up and I will send you a FREE dry fit t-shirt in your size in either white or grey and a shaker bottle to get you started. That’s about $29 worth of gear, making this 20% discount free to you!

Here is what your shirt will look like:

Dry Fit FrontDry Fit Back

And the bottle:

AdvoCare Shaker Bottle


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