The 37th Marine Corps Marathon. I’m In!

Today I get to start another journey in my life. One that I am excited to start.

I have talked many times about my motivations to become better all around. More well in every way. Tonight, I want to share a bit more about where I am and where I am going and what is driving me.

Back in November, my father and my incredible, heroic step-mother came to Texas to visit from New York. Like many people, my mother and father’s marriage didn’t work out. Throughout my life, my father has done everything in his power to be there for me and for my brother. He supported me in so many ways through some very, very difficult times and continues to do so. He came to Texas in part to be here to see me complete my first half-marathon, which I was able to do only 5 months after lacing up the running shoes for the first time. It was a great feeling to have him there and to accomplish that goal.

As some know or have read about, last year I had a health scare of sorts and found out that my type-2 diabetes got to a point where it was dangerous and it had gotten to that point very quickly. During my dad’s visit, we spoke quite a bit about health and what I had been doing to try to get better. My father is also fighting the disease and his is far more advance than mine. He struggles daily with it. At one point during one of these conversations, still high off of the feeling of completing something that I never thought I could do (run 13.1 miles) and after seeing him reach in his pocket for a Marlboro Red, a habit I despise, I offered my dad a deal. I told him that I would run either the Marine Corps Marathon in DC or the NYC Marathon if he made a conscious effort to quit smoking. I explained that I would put in the 18 mile training runs in the heat in Texas in August if he would put in the effort to quit. He accepted the deal and I was excited. He chose the Marine Corps Marathon, which I was happy about because he is a proud Marine and while I love my birthplace, New York, for my own reasons I wanted to run the Marine Corps Marathon in DC.

We visited the site to gather up the details and I put March 7th on my calendar to remind me to be one of the first to try to register. The alarm went off today and I did just that. I am officially registered to run in the 37th Marine Corps Marathon. 26.2 Miles around one of the best cities in this country. One of my favorite cities. One of my fathers favorite cities.

I have other motivations pushing me toward completing this goal. I appreciate all the people who share their messages with me about how I am helping them. Motivating them. Inspiring them. Advising them. It’s been a huge motivator for me. I don’t want to let you down. I don’t want to let myself down.

I have been reading a lot about what it takes to complete something like this. Thousands of people do it every year, so I am not trying to make this more dramatic than in needs to be but to me, it’s a big damned deal. Something that I read about that resonated with me is to set some key themes for yourself when you are trying to achieve something you aren’t 100% sure you can achieve. I have chosen my key themes for my training for the marathon. Those themes are the following:

  • Strength
  • Truth
  • Conviction
  • Commitment

I’ll have these things front and center in my mind throughout the journey. They have special and unique meanings to me that I will keep to myself. I’ll likely end up putting these themes in print somewhere to remind me of what they represent to me.

The training has already begun. I plan to share progress throughout the journey with those that want to read them. Again, I thank everyone for the support that they have given me to date. I would have never thought that I would be sitting here today writing about the fact that I will be participating in something like a marathon. I will be participating in it, and I will finish it.