Advocare 24-Day Challenge

Advocare 24-Day ChallengeThe AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge helped me change my life. Literally.

It is a straightforward approach to wellness that is helping people lose as much as 6 inches and 12 lbs on average in 24 day’s time. Energize your mind and body, feed your muscles and starve your fat as you lose inches, improve health and melt away body fat in a way that will fit into your busy life and be realistic for any hectic schedule. When coupled with a smart and committed exercise program, it is a jump-start for your body that teaches it to continue losing body fat while increasing lean muscle.

There are two parts to the 24-Day Challenge, the 10-day Cleanse Phase and the 14-day Max Phase. It includes a complete 24 Day nutrition guide, exercise program and a customized supplement plan that fits nicely with your busy schedule and your budget!

This program was designed by leading fitness and nutrition professionals and provides GUARANTEED results!

Are You Ready for Your 24-Day Challenge?
Want a healthy way to get in the best shape of your life? This is it.

  • Burn Unwanted Fat
  • Build Lean, Toned Muscle
  • Be and Feel Healthier Than Ever
  • Have More Energy and Better Focus
  • An Easy, Real-World Nutrition Plan
  • A Recommended, but Optional Exercise Plan
  • Begin your AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge now! Order Here!


Program Overview and Results Tracker (PDF)

24-Day Challenge Grocery Shopping Guide (PDF)



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  6. JP

    This fall I started training for my first sprint triathlon. Unfortunately, because of scheduling conflicts I had to miss my two races. I’m trying to use the winter to boost my fitness base and increase my overall health. I’m intrigued by the 24 day challenge, but it seems to be focused on weight loss. I don’t need to loose any weight, but I could probably tone up a bit (6’1″ and 175lbs). What alterations would your recommend to the 24 day challenge? Are there other Advocare products you would recommend to start using too? Thanks! BTW…the shopping guide was extremely helpful.

    1. Post

      Hi JP. Sorry for the delay. I would agree that the 24-Day Challenge is focused on Nutrition. Nutrition is a pretty important part of performing well at anything. This is certainly true of Triathlon. To answer your question directly, There are two things that aren’t a part of the 24-Day Challenge that I would recommend for everyday use. One is Catalyst. It is a Branch Chain Amino Acid (BCAA). BCAAs have many benefits. I use them for two reasons… First, they protect muscle during weight loss, which is something that I am personally concerned with. When I first began my journey and weighed 315 lbs, I was losing a bunch of weight but I was actually felt weaker while exercise. I found that I wasn’t feeding my muscles correctly. BCAAs help this. Second, BCAAs aide in muscle recovery. I take them post workout, especially on hard workouts whether they be hard strength workouts or hard endurance workouts like bikes and runs. The other thing that I recommend to people is OmegaPlex, which is a really great Fish Oil. I feel EVERYONE should be taking a dose of fish oil per day. Not all fish oil is the same, however. OmegaPlex was found in independent comparisons by the likes of Dr. Oz to be one of the better products out there. I still take this as well. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I’d be happy to help.


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