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Are you interested in learning more about the great AdvoCare products and the business opportunity associated to this world-class brand? 

Below I explain 3 ways to engage with AdvoCare and the 4 ways you can earn money if you want to become an AdvoCare Advisor.  If after you review this information, you have ANY questions or you want to sign on to become a distributor, click the CONTACT US link in the lower right corner of this page and I will contact you quickly to take care of what you need.

There are 3 ways you can become involved with AdvoCare and their great products.

1) AdvoCare Retail Customer
Be a retail customer. For this option you can simply click here to order AdvoCare products online. With this option you pay the retail price shown online and you can order as little as you want with no minimum order amount.

2) AdvoCare Wholesale Customer/Distributor
You can pay a small upfront fee of $79.00 to become an AdvoCare wholesale customer or distributor. This fee entitles you to get a full 20% off of the retail prices of any and all AdvoCare products for a full year. The best part is you get $50 worth of AdvoCare Products just for signing up.

For more information on this or to pursue this option, click here and follow the link to Become a Distributor.

Once you become an AdvoCare Distributor you can reach a 30% discount by meeting minimum order requirements on your way to becoming an AdvoCare Advisor, step 3.

3) AdvoCare Advisor
For those people who have completed the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge and experienced first hand success and want to continue using the products for themselves and also share their success with family, friends and co-workers they have the option qualify to be an AdvoCare Advisor. AdvoCare Distributors who choose to become an Advisor can now purchase their AdvoCare products at 40% off and more importantly earn that full 40% for any products ordered through their website or by word of mouth sales.

You can start ay any of these three levels. Contact me by clicking the CONTACT US link in the lower right and I’ll be glad to talk to you about the best way for you to get started on your journey to better physical and perhaps financial health.

Once you reach AdvoCare Advisor level you can earn money in 4 different ways!

1) AdvoCare Retail Commissions
As mentioned above, once you become an AdvoCare distributor the company provides you with your AdvoCare ID and your very own personal AdvoCare website. Anyone that you send to your site that orders AdvoCare products becomes your customer and you get paid between 20% and 40% depending on the distributor level you hold. These customers do not need to sign up or join AdvoCare. They are simply buying the great wellness products at the listed prices on your site. They have the same option you had of paying the distributor fee to get the 20% discount and can do so directly from your page.

2) AdvoCare Wholesale Commissions
Once you reach Advisor status, you earn 40% on retail commissions, and you also earn wholesale commissions on sales from any distributors on your team that have yet to reach Advisor status. So if a distributor on your team that has qualified at the 25% level sells $100 worth of AdvoCare products, they get their 25% and you, the Advisor, get the remaining 15% (or $15 in this example) of the 40% commission. This incremental revenue adds up as your team grows with additional distributors improving their lives and the lives of others.

At this point, you might be thinking that the most ideal scenario is to have a team full of people at the distributor level and that it isn’t beneficial to encourage your team members to qualify for Advisor status,  which they can do at anytime by meeting the requirements for that status; that is not the case. While it is true that once a distributor on your team reaches Advisor status you will no longer receive wholesale commissions on orders from their team, the good news is that you are now eligible to earn money a third way with your AdvoCare business… Overrides.

3) AdvoCare Overrides
The model of a direct sales company is to encourage word of mouth sharing and personal marketing about your positive experiences with the product or service. AdvoCare is no different. Growth comes from developing Advisors who love the product and their improved health and fitness who then want to share their success with others. Overrides are available to Advisors that have at least one Advisor on their team. You earn up to 7% of the Business Volume (BV) that Advisor generates for 3 full levels of customers and distributors associated to your Advisors. As you can likely see, if you have several people on your team that reach Advisor status and then grow their business, this 7% override can add up to significant monthly earnings. The best part about overrides is that these earnings represent residual income. Once you have created your organization and your team grows and continues to spread the great benefits of using AdvoCare products and the associated business opportunity, you will earn overrides on all shipped product coming from your Advisors.

4) AdvoCare Leadership Bonuses
As with all successful direct sales companies, individuals who do well and grow their organizations are rewarded as they reach certain leadership milestones. AdvoCare rewards success, regardless of tenure. Even first year AdvoCare Advisors are eligible to receive rookie bonuses that can be as high as $6000.00! If you’ve made it this far, something you have read has struck a chord with you. You likely want to know more. Don’t wait, click CONTACT US below and let me answer your questions and help you get started.


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