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MCM 2012 FinishRunning Resources for Dallas Fort Worth

If you’re considering running in Dallas, Fort Worth or points between or around, here are some key resources that will help get you started. This includes references to other people who will help you, online resources to check out, podcasts to listen to, books to read or listen to, etc. I am based in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, so some of these resources are local to that area. Many of them are not.

People to see….

  • Monica Burt @ Luke’s Locker in Plano to get the right shoes for your run training.
  • Ron Tribendis at Performance Chiropractic & Sports Medicine to get the persistent nagging injuries and soreness looked at. Ron is an accomplished endurance coach and triathlete himself, so he knows what he’s doing and what we deal with each day.

Things you need….

  • The right shoes. Get them from Luke’s Locker in Plano or any other quality running specialty store.
  • The right clothes for the climate. When planning what to wear for your training, imagine the temperature 10-15 degrees warmer than it actually is. Dress for that temp and you should feel great. Avoid cotton and look for poly or poly blends that help with moisture management. This will keep you cooler when it’s hot and warmer when it’s cold.
  • Something to track your runs. You can either get an app for your smart phone. I highly recommend Strava. We can connect to each other and see each other’s workouts. This is very valuable for evaluations and discussions about progress and the training plan. If you plan to use Strava, purchase this heart rate strap so that you can track your heart rate with the app during your workouts. While you are at it, download the CharityMiles App and cash in for a good cause just for working out. There are also several good wristwatches that work well. There is the Nike+ SportWatch GPS. Be sure to add the optional Heart Rate Strap. There is the newish Garmin 220. It comes in Black/Red and White/Purple and comes with the Heart Rate Strap.
  • A good foam rollerExercise Bands, & Stretch Bands.
  • You also need some time, a bunch of inner drive and commitment, which you can’t buy.

Here are some great running/endurance resources that I spend much of my downtime reading and listening to.

    • Endurance Planet – Listen to the Podcast as well. Especially the Ask the Coaches episodes. They talk quite a lot about MAF training.
    • Ben Greenfield Fitness – Ben is a nutrition genius. He knows it all for the most part and often is his own guinea pig. He’s finished many Ironman triathlons, including qualifying for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. The site and the podcasts are incredibly valuable.
    • Bulletproof Executive – Great blog and podcast. Try the coffee recipe. It’s awesome!
    • Strength Training for Runners – Competitor Magazine article on the 4 key strength training exercises for runners.
    • Dynamic Stretching > Static Stretching – That said, read this article and watch the associated video.
    • Foam Rolling Video:

Running in Dallas | Some Key Resources


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