Effective Off-Season Planning

Dave Jimenez | Effective Off-Season PlanningI am a firm believer in learning from your experiences so as we wind down the triathlon season I wanted to take a good, hard look at my season and do some effective off-season planning. In 2014, I’ve finished Ironman Maryland, I did 90% of Ironman Canada, finished 2 half-ironman races, the Boston Marathon and a handful of other races ranging from 5k runs to 50 Mile triathlons. With all that racing under my belt and while the season was fresh in my mind, I sat down with a notebook and started to ask myself a bunch of questions. After I was done, I immediately thought that the process that I went through for myself is something that I have to do with the athletes that I am coaching once their seasons are over. This would allow us to take what we have experienced throughout the season and apply it to create a plan for improvement to execute on during the off-season. The exercise was also valuable for me because it really had me think about what my goals should be moving forward.

With all that said, let me take you through the key steps to my process:

  • Go Old School… Print out the questions in the white paper and sit down and write out the responses and your related thoughts. Forget the tablet or the computer. Pen and paper allows for free flow of thoughts and removes distractions (email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or other bright shiny objects)
  • Take stock in the year, be complete, thoughtful and brutally honest with yourself
  • Create a plan based upon your honest evaluation
    • Target the areas of opportunity for growth
    • Leverage the positive outcomes and experience toward that end
    • Set dates to each item to provide yourself with deadlines, where applicable
  • Have a coach review the plan and make adjustments based upon their outside opinion and their knowledge and experience
  • Measure yourself against the plan and stay accountable

Ready to get started? Download my white paper entitled Triathlon Off-Season with Purpose and complete the worksheets contained in it. Want someone to review your work with, feel free to contact me and we can setup a time to talk through it. I’d be happy to help!