EnergyBits: Powerful Bits of Algae

A couple of months ago a friend of mine gave me a sample of a new (to me) product. They were about 30 of these tiny green tablets that looked awesome. After asking a bunch of questions and getting over the thought that I was going to turn into some marine plant-based super hero that would turn green, I took them. After I did, I felt all the benefits of the super hero without the turning green part. These little green bits of super-powers were called ENERGYbits. I did a brick workout (Bike and Run) that day and felt great during the workout and most importantly, after it, which is unusual for me. I’m usually tired and hungry as I am taking off the running shoes. That day it wasn’t the case.

I went home and immediately did some research on the product and what was in them. In short, here is what I found was in them:

EnergyBits Powerful Bits Algae

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After reviewing that,  and not being a nutritional scientist, I then asked the most natural question. What are ENERGYbits? To get that answer, I went over to and I found the following description:

ENERGYbits® algae tabs are your answer for raw energy and health. All naturally too. With just one calorie per tab, ENERGYbits® will stop your cravings, slay your hunger and give you a steady stream of energy all day or night. Remarkably, our ENERGYbits® have just one ingredient, spirulina algae which is a super hero in the world of super foods. Spirulina’s nutritional pedigree is so impressive that The World Bank, NASA and Olympic athletes have all declared spirulina to be the most nutritious food in the entire world. Why? Well for starters, it effortlessly and naturally boosts your energy like an energy drink, energy bar or coffee  but without the downside of chemicals, caffeine, calories or sugar and gram per gram, there is no denser source of nutrition than spirulina algae. Research done by NASA showed that 1 kg of spirulina had the nutritional  equivalent of 1000 kg of fruits and vegetables.  That’s a  lot of groceries! But if an endorsement by NASA isn’t enough to convince you of the health benefits you’ll get from our ENERGYbits® and spirulina, consider that many International Health Organizations including the United Nations have hailed spirulina as one of the “Greatest Superfoods on Earth.” Don’t worry if you haven’t heard about this super food yet. You will. It may be virtually unknown in America but for the last 50 years, millions worldwide have taken it to improve their energy. 

The next question I had was what is Spirulina Algae? There is some good information on the ENERGYbits website  here, here, and here that talks about the history of it and about the two kinds of algae (Spirulina and Chlorella) that is used in their products. That was good to read, but I wanted some independent thoughts about Spirulina specifically since that is what is in EnergyBits and what I was looking to add to my nutrition protocol, so I went to my good friend Google and did some poking around.

Here is what The University of Maryland Medical Center says about Spirulina Health News Written by Medical Doctors on Spirulina

A bit more about the EnergyBits…

Here is what they look like:

EnergyBits Powerful Bits Algae

How do you “eat” EnergyBits…

I have tried them three ways. I have chewed them. They were fine. No big issues, but I probably could have done half of the stunts on fear factor so my tolerance might be different from yours. They’ll also turn the mouth green, which is kind of cool, but not ideal for when you are about to present to a customer. I put them in the Blendtec with my meal replacements or Shakeology shakes which was also fine. They’ll turn them green, as you might imagine, but they taste just fine. For convenience reasons, I typically just toss them down the hatch with some water, like any other pill.

I take about 30 per day of ENERGYbits.

Finally, the good part. Did EnergyBits work as described?

As many know, I have my sights set on Ironman Canada in July 2014. That involves training six days a week, even now in December. That said, I am always looking for good sources of additional energy. Most of the supplements that I have tried have side affects that I don’t enjoy. Specifically, the jittery kinds of side affects that many pre-workout supplements give you. I can’t get good swims, bikes or runs done feeling jittery and a bit light headed. EnergyBits are considered all-natural food, not a supplement, so I have had no issues with feeling jittery at all. On longer bike rides, I have been using them as a part of my fueling strategy replacing gels, which I am trying to get away from entirely because they wreak havoc on my stomach after a while. This is true when running as well. I have none of those stomach issues when using EnergyBits. This is a HUGE benefit for triathletes and runners in general. They’re also a heckuva lot more portable than energy gels, bars or “chomps” which are basically candy.  I load up the tin that EnergyBits sent me with my order and toss it in my bike jersey. I recently brought them with me on a 10 mile training run as well. I had good, consistent workouts with sustained energy without any issues. I feel more alert on the bike, which is also a nice added benefit when riding alone on the road with all the texting and driving that is going on out there.

Energy and help with providing me with sustenance while training aren’t the only benefits that I am enjoying. These little bits are also packed with a bunch of vitamins and minerals that I wasn’t getting before. I intend to keep using ENERGYbits as part of my nutrition protocol moving forward. I have added the VitalityBits, RecoveryBits and SkinnyBits to my regimen as well, giving me all the benefits of Spirulina as well as the benefits of Chlorella. The ENERGYbits folks call this REVS (Recovery, Energy, Vitality, Skinny).

If you just want to jump ENERGYbits, head over to and use the promo code that the good folks at ENERGYbits gave me to pass along to you to save 20%. The promo code is: TODAY.

EnergyBits Powerful Bits Algae

EnergyBits Powerful Bits Algae


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    Hi Coach Dave! I love trying new stuff and I with my running increasing to distances I’ve never done, I’m down for something that will help me fuel it!

    Twitter: unapalooza – tweeted your link!

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