Knee Surgery… Then what?

It’s been a while since I posted to the blog and I can’t promise it won’t be a while before I do it again. I’ve pretty much been focusing my attention on the podcast, which is super fun and fulfilling for me. It’s growing like crazy and takes time. It’s worth it and I don’t plan on stopping. 

Anyhow… The reason I fired up the iPhone and started this post is because after dealing with a nagging right knee for over a year now and putting 2.9 Ironman’s and a couple of Marathon’s on it, it’s time to call “Uncle”. 

Based on the guidance of Dr. Ron Tribendis, fellow Ironman, friend, and kick ass chiropractor and practitioner of all things therapy (Graston, ART, etc.) I went in to see Dr. Robert Berry today. Dr. Berry is an orthopedic surgeon and apparently is a pretty good one. Dr. Berry took a look at the MRI and the associated report, put me up on the table and messed with the knee then broke the news to me. He’s got to go in. We can do the Cortizone thing, but that’ll just mask the problem. We can do this Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, which sounds super interesting, but won’t cure it all. 

Here’s where things get a little interesting (for me at least). I’m not that bummed out. I’m actually really excited. I’m excited to get it fixed. I’m excited to go through the physical therapy. Most of all, I’m excited about the opportunity this provides me. I’ve been so focused on all this Ironman training that I’ve sort of lost sight of why I started all this in the first place… for health. 

Since I made the decision after Ironman Texas that I could not risk long term damage by starting up the next training block for Ironman Chattanooga, which I am registered for, I have had the opportunity to really scale back training. What I’ve found is that I love the short easy runs again. I love the 45-60 minute mountain bike rides. I love swimming with some focus on technique instead of getting in there and cranking out 3,500 or 4,000 meters. I love heading to Impact or to the TRX in the garage every once in a while and doing some strength work. 
After surgery and physical therapy, I’ve decided that when it comes to my training, I’m basically going to start over. I’m going to do some more of what I’ve been doing lately. Just working out to work out. I am going to stay active for health, to train with friends, to train with the family. Together. That kind of stuff. 

I have not abandoned the idea of big goals for myself. Not at all. I’ve got my sights on plenty of big things. For now, I get well. In the near term… I get stronger and build up a nice base of endurance and strength. I have fun. I can’t wait!


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