Marine Corps Marathon Deferral

The Marine Corps Marathon is a little over a week away and I won’t be there this year as I planned. About a month ago, I made the decision to defer my registration until next year so that I can focus on getting my body and mind prepared for what is to come in 2014, most notably Ironman Canada.


Some might read this and say, “Hey Dave, Ironman Canada is not until July! Why can’t you run MCM this October?” I don’t believe in excuses. There are either reasons that we decide to do things, or we just don’t get them done. My reasons are clear to me. I badly need to remedy a few things that are ailing me and have been on and off for the last few months. I am nursing a shin splint on my left leg. I have IT Band and hamstring flexibility issues. These kinds of things can and have spurred some knee and lower back pain after long runs and bike rides. I also have some nutrition tweaks that I need to make to prepare for what is to come. Most notably, after a gut healing cleanse, I will be moving my nutrition closer to a more ketogenic/paleo type of diet. This will take me

about three months to complete. Getting these things done  while focusing on aerobic base-building Ironman training will put me in the best possible mental and physical health for what is to come.

I could have made the expensive trip to Washington DC and trotted my way to an MCM finish, likely prolonging these issues and not doing any better than I did last year when I finished the MCM. To me, getting my body and mind reset are more important as I look at my goals for 2014, which include two Ironman 70.3 races, the 118th Boston Marathon, Ironman Canada and the Marine Corps Marathon.

There is a saying that my Phi Delta Theta brothers and I learned back in college that has stuck with me… Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. The 6 P’s. As far as I am concerned, the decision that I made to defer my registration for the Marine Corps Marathon to October 2014 allows me have a much more effective plan for success in 2014. It also allows me to cap what will certainly be one of the best years of my life with a race that is very special to me and my father, the Marine Corps Marathon. I’ll miss being there toeing the line next weekend. To those that will be there, I offer you a healthy OORAH and I hope that you enjoy that special race. Please thank the thousand or so Marines that will be out there volunteering their time.

Marine Corps Marathon Deferral


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  1. Bobby Ray

    Sorry to hear about the deferral, but completely understand. I did the same thing with NYC this year. I was anxious to see the results of your MAF training. How was it going ? Have you resumed MAF training for your next event ? Dallas ? Thanks.

    1. Post

      Hi Bobby. I used MAF up until I started with my Ironman Coach. I do quite a lot of my Ironman Training at what we call “Training Pace”. Having some experience with MAF, I often look at heart rate while I am training and I try to keep myself in my MAF Zone on these days. That said, because I am not ONLY doing MAF training, I don’t consider myself to be using the method currently.

      I will tell you that it works very well. I dropped my times well over a minute per mile in the 8 or so weeks that I was training purely on MAF. Now I had a lot to gain being that my MAF pace was in the 13s when I started. I am currently able to hold 11s at my MAF target. I hope this helps. IF you have other questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

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