Miles to Somewhere, Where am I going?

Miles to SomewhereI get asked pretty often, Are these miles to somewhere? Why do all this running? Why triathlon? Why a goal like Ironman? Where you going? Hell, on the days that I don’t really want to be out training, I even ask myself that question. I usually ask it differently though. It’s usually something like, “Why the hell are you doing this?” I laugh at myself and then I just KEEP GOING!

Here’s why they are miles to somewhere…

First off, I had to do something. My health demanded it and my life depended on it. My body finally had enough and started to throw up a bunch of red flags. That is pretty well documented here.

What many of the people asking me these questions don’t know is that my efforts to be a better me are focused just as much on my mental and emotional wellbeing as it is my physical wellbeing. I have a long way to go there. I lot of work to do.

But to answer the question, that’s why. That’s why I have such a lofty (and some say crazy) goal of becoming an Ironman. It’s not for metals. It’s not for that coveted M-Dot Tattoo. It’s not for bragging rights. It’s so that I can try to get to where I am going.

If you follow me on Twitter, you see me hashtag #PresentTense or I may comment on a retweet with “Present Tense!” I do that because that’s where I am trying to get as a person. Out of the past and into the present. When I get there, I won’t be perfect. I’ll never be perfect. Ever. But I will be a better me. That’s what I want. A better me for the people I love and for myself. That inspiration comes from the song Present Tense by Pearl Jam. Watch this video and I think it’ll make more sense to you.

The training it takes to achieve these kinds of goals is healing. I know that for some of you that won’t make sense, but it is. Running 26.2 miles is healing, for example. Toeing the line at a Half Ironman in California will be healing. Finishing that race will be healing. Yes, you are breaking your body down for that period of time, but you learn that it will bounce back. You can bounce back. From just about anything. You just have to KEEP GOING! 


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